Emigration Canyon Ridge
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Distance: 4 1/4 one way
  • Travel Time: 3 hours one way
  • Elevation: 1261 foot gain
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Trail Pictures

Emigration Canyon Ridge is the ridge between Parley's Canyon and Emigration Canyon just east of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Parley's Canyon is where I-80 heads east to Park City.  The easiest way to get to the trailhead is to head east on I-80 to the Mountain Dell exit.  Head north and follow the signs to Emigration Canyon.  At the Little Mountain Pass before the road heads down into Emigration Canyon, there is a parking area. 

Several pipelines go over the pass, and there is a pumping station right by the start of the trail.  The trail starts out as a road blocked off by a gate.  Follow the road around the around past the pumping station and the cell phone towers, and past another gate. The trail then becomes an old jeep trail that follows the ridge.  The trail goes up and down over a number of high points on the ridge.  After about 2 miles the jeep tracks dissappear and the trail becomes more of a game trail.

The first major high point on the trail is known as Dale Peak and offers excellent views of the Salt Lake Valley, Emigration Canyon, the Millcreek Ridge, and Parley's Canyon.  It is about 1/2 a mile past the end of the Jeep Tracks.  It is about 7400' above sea level. 

About 2 miles past Dale Peak is Perkins Peak at about 7500' feet.  The route is mostly off-trail hiking over minor summits.  Use the game trails to avoid the thicker brush.

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