Goblin Valley State Park
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: However far you want to hike
  • Travel Time: 1 hour to all Day
  • Elevation: 5000 ft.
  • Trailhead GPS Coordinates:
  • 36.564229, -110.703417
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Trail Pictures

Goblin Valley State Park is located on the edge of the San Rafael Swell just off of UT Highway 24 north of Hanksville, Utah.  The main attraction of the park are the valleys of "Goblins".  Most of the hikes in the park begin at the overlook.  There isn't a defined trail, you can pretty much go anywhere you want.

Be sure to bring plenty of water, especially durning the summer months when temperatures can get in excess of 110 degrees. It's recommended that each person drinks 1 gallon of water per day.

The park has 24 individual campsites and 1 group site.  Reservations can be made through the park's website at http://stateparks.utah.gov/parks/goblin-valley.

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