Lofty Lake Loop - Mirror Lake Highway
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Distance: 4 miles round trip
  • Travel Time: 3 hours round trip
  • Elevation: 700' gain to 10,900'
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The Lofty Lake loop is a 4 mile round trip loop beginning and ending at the Pass Lake Trailhead on the Mirror Lake Highway 25 miles north east of Kamas, Utah.  The eastern leg of the loop is 1.5 miles to the lake climbing 700 feet passing Scout Lake to a saddle overlooking Lofty lake.  The western leg travels 2.5 miles to the lake passing Kamas Lake to Lofty.

The eastern leg starts at the north end of the parking lot.  Look for a sign saying Lofty Lake 1.5 miles.  The trail winds it's way through the forest past a small lake .5 miles to Scout Lake.  Scout Lake is part of the BSA's Camp Steiner.  During the summer the scouts, ask that you don't enter the camp area.  From Scout lake, the trail starts heading up to a saddle overlooking Lofty Lake.  The trail can be a little rough with rocks and boulders on the trail, but the climb is a short mile past Scout Lake to the top of the Saddle.

At the top of the Saddle the trail heads down a short distance to Lofty Lake.  On the other side of the lake the trail climbs a short ways up then back down to Kamas lake.  The trail stays to the western shore of the lake then makes it's way down through the forest back to the trailhead.  This leg of the hike is longer at 2.5 miles to the trailhead, but the terrain is easier to hike over.

A day pass is required for all cars parked at the lake in 2009 a 1-3 day pass was $6.  You can purchase a pass at any of the self serve stops along the Mirror Lake Highway.  There are road signs advertising these stops in numerous places.  There is also a pay station 6 miles east of Kamas where you can talk to a ranger and buy your pass.

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